Why You Should Use FXKudi To Send & Receive Money In Africa

As Africans, we have been denied access to some of the top online fintech products that would have made life much easier for us.

Now we go through a lot of stress just to send money to our loved ones and friends in a different country. Imagine going to the bank in Nigeria to send money to someone in Ghana, you would have to wait and join the long queue and still face transfer charges issues and boring exchange rates. 

After a long wait, you would get to fill a long list of some required information and also answer a lot of questions, most times network might not let the money get to its supposed destination on time and in most cases, the money was intended for an emergency.

However, other countries are not going through the same stress because they have some fintech companies that take care of that for them just like CashApp, PayPal, and the rest.

However, FXKudi has come to save the situation, now you can also comfortably sit in your house and send money to your friends and loved ones in another country with a click on your phone.



What is FXKudi

FXKudi is one of the Ghanaian-based fintech companies that was created to solve the problem of cross-border money transfers and transactions for Africans.

With the FXKudi app, you can transfer money to your family, friends, loved ones, or business partner without stress or worrying about currency conversion and the rest of them.

The company was launched in 2020, which means, that at the time of writing this article, the company is two years of age, however, in just 2 years FXkudi has helped thousands of people send and receive money from their friends and family, etc across the border.


Why You Should Use FXKudi Is The Real Deal?

It’s simple. The FXKudi app’s features are stress-free, which makes using the app really easy. You can manage every aspect of your account thanks to its incredibly distinctive user dashboard and design. Their ability to move money is the main feature.

  • It is easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • Cut down the stress and hassle of using the bank
  • You can send and receive money in minutes
  • You can transfer money within 20 African countries


About the Dollar Virtual card.

You can also get a dollar card when you have registered an account with FXKudi and completed the KYC verification process.

This is great because, in Nigeria, the limit at which you can use your naira card for international transactions is just $20 a month which is very low, and can’t really pay for anything meaningful.

But with the dollar card, you can fund it with any amount you want, and use it to pay for something online and shop online.


FAQ and answers ²on the FXKudi Virtual Card.

How do I fund my card?

You can fund your card with your local currency and your available balance will be shown to you immediately.


Is this virtual card accepted globally?

Yes. FXKudi virtual dollar card is accepted anywhere VISA card is accepted online. However, you cannot use this card to purchase cryptocurrency.

Can I withdraw the fund from my card?

No. We currently do not have that feature enabled for a virtual card. However, when we do, you will be notified as soon as possible. You can use your balance to shop or make other payments online


How to Transfer Money With FXKudi

Step 1: Select sending and receiving currency 

Step 2: Provide receiver’s account information

Step 3: Complete the payment process

Note:- Before this, you must have downloaded the app from the Apple Store or Google play store and completed the required verification process.

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